What is a Civil Engineer?

April 1, 2014

Perhaps you are considering a career in civil engineering but you find yourself wondering…”What is a civil engineer?” Even today, after years of experience as a civil engineer, I don’t have a simple, canned response to this question. If I am short on time, I am sometimes afraid to be asked this question just because […]

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Structural Engineering

April 1, 2014

Structural Engineering is the study of structural analysis of buildings/structures. Structural engineers take into account the weight of the structure, dead loads, and live loads, as well as natural forces such as snow, wind, earthquake loads, to design safe structures that will successfully support those anticipated loads.

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Civil Engineer

August 2, 2013

Who is CIVILNW? CIVILNW is a civil engineer consultant located in the Pacific NW near the Portland OR metropolitan area (PDX) in Vancouver, WA. CIVILNW specializes in “Land Design”. Own Land? Need Permits? Call CIVILNW Today!!! Are you interested in learning more about civil engineer consultants? Civil Engineer

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